The Jewish Comics Experience
NOVEMBER 11-12, 2023
Center for Jewish History, NYC

EXPERIENCE… the FIRST EVER jewcie awards

The Jewish Comics Experience


Opening on November 11th, 2023, the Center for Jewish History’s comic book convention, JewCE: The Jewish Comics Experience,celebrates the Jewishness of comics and graphic narratives by exploring the Jewish history of the comics industry, highlighting the diversity of Jewish narratives, characters, and creatorship; and honoring the tradition of Jewish storytelling in the comic book medium.  

A vital part of the JewCE convention will be a major public event, the JewCie Awards.  The first ceremony ever held in celebration of Jewish comics, the JewCie Awards supports JewCE’s mission by honoring the creators of Jewish comic book narratives, themes, and characters. Such awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the unique contributions of artists, storytellers, and creators who have invested their talents and passion into Jewish storytelling through the medium of comics.

Starting an award in Jewish comics not only honors the extraordinary achievements of talented individuals but also encourages the growth and development of the field. It inspires artists to explore Jewish themes, narratives, and characters, and provides them with a platform to share their unique perspectives and stories with a wider audience. The award incentivizes the creation of compelling and authentic representations of Jewish culture, fostering a more inclusive and diverse comic landscape.

The JewCie Awards will be held on the preview night of JewCE, November 11, at the Center for Jewish History.  That evening, nine awards will be presented by an distinguished panel of judges from the industry to audience filled with comic book creators and fans.   The celebratory evening will include food, drinks, and a sneak preview of the vendors, artists, and exhibit for the following day’s convention. 

Tickets are available to purchase alone or in packages with day passes to the convention and other assorted goodies.

The Center for Jewish History cordially invites all creators, industry professionals, collectors, and readers to help celebrate the many artists and writers who have brought memorable Jewish narratives, characters, and materials into the world.

This year’s JewCie Awards Committee of Judges includes:

Selecting the Jewcies


  • Macherke Award for Career Contributions to Jewish Comics
  • Artist Honoree of the Year
    This is an award to honor an artist who has created work with Jewish content: characters, themes, or stories, working within the last five years.
  • Writer Honoree of the Year
    This is an award to honor an author who has created work with Jewish content: characters, themes, or stories, working within the last five years.
  • Book award in Diverse Jewish Representation
    This is an award for a recent publication with Jewish content that demonstrates exemplary representation of diverse Jewish characters, narratives, or themes.
  • Award for Historical narratives
    An award for a historically themed publication (historical fiction, memoir, or nonfiction) with Jewish themes, characters, or narratives.
  • Award for Autobiographical Content
    An award for an autobiographical publication (graphic novel, web comic, comic strip, etc) with Jewish themes, characters, or narratives.
  • Award for Contemporary topics
    An award for a contemporary themed publication with Jewish themes, characters, or narratives.
  • Award for Fictional Narratives
    An award for a graphic work of fiction with Jewish themes, characters, or narratives.
  • Combating Prejudice Award
    An award for a writer, artist, or cartoonist who has demonstrated dedication to the fight against prejudice through their creative work and publications.

And the Winners will be…