Neil Kleid

Xeric-Award winning graphic novelist Neil Kleid authored the acclaimed graphic novels ‘Ninety Candles,’ ‘Brownsville’ and ‘The Big Kahn’, the latter two which are the first entries in his sequential/narrative exploration of Judaism. With the late Alex Nino, Neil adapted Jack London’s novel ‘The Call of The Wild’ into comics for Penguin Books; did the opposite for the seminal Marvel Comics’ storyline ‘Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt’; co-authored (with fellow yid Brian Michael Bendis) ‘Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim’ for MacMillan Books, an original prose novel based on the award-winning comic; and penned ‘The Phoenix Chase’, an original X-Men novel for Aconyte Books / Marvel. Neil also co-authored the young adult food adventure graphic novel ‘Savor’ for Dark Horse Comics, and ‘The Panic’, a New York subway thriller with Andrea Mutti, was released from Dark Horse Comics in partnership with Comixology Originals. He lives with his wife, kids, dog and a kosher grill in New Jersey.

Website: Neil Kleid