Andrea Beizer


The cartoon format bridges my interest in storytelling through images and writing. I am interested in exploring the vulnerability and isolation of a mature woman in modern day society. My character Alice, struggles to make sense of the world around her and her place in it.

Alice was originally created in the 1980’s (1984-89) for the Philadelphia Architect, a monthly publication for the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The strip was also published in the Manhattan Comic News in 1990.

The strip is both psychological and surreal as it’s really about the inner life of a maturing single woman. 

“Alice is largely defined by her unique perspectives and mannerisms – in particular, her quips which are typically meant to be double entendres. Is she being comedic, dead-pan serious, or a bit of both? Her comments embody dueling interpretations that are the core of Alice’s persona. But no matter her situation, she is resilient. Her unique outlook on life and her eccentric points of view continually entertain and engage readers as they follow Alice’s quirky journey through life.” By Leah Douglas; Chief Curator of Exhibitions at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Since February 2023, the Alice has been syndicated with King Features Syndicate and may be found 3 days a week at The strip is also online in over 50 newspapers nationally. It is published in Humor Times an on-line magazine, and was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Currents: The Cartoon Issue on December 22, 2019. Additionally, the strip has been exhibited in a variety of venues including the following: Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2018 at The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Art in the Age of Injustice: Women’s Caucus for Art; About Alice: A cartoon by Andrea Beizer, Philadelphia International Airport, Alice…a cartoon by andrea beizer during the winter/spring of 2016-17, and Cerulean Arts Gallery in 2018 and 2020 in Philadelphia. 

Andrea Beizer is the creator of Alice cartoons. When not working on Alice, she teaches at Moore College of Art and Design.


Workshop Topics


A life’s Journey: How I went from being an Artist to Architect, back to Artist and finally a Syndicated Cartoonist.
The importance for people to be open minded and exploratory in their search for their life’s Work. I would discuss my challenges and processes, and how i finally came to being a syndicated cartoonist. One of the things I tell my students is to be open minded to opportunities, even if they are not exactly what you think you wanted to do originally. 


College level adults and teens