Jesse Simon


Jesse is a Legacy of Captain America Creator Joe Simon. Jesse, having vast knowledge about Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, works specifically to preserve the history of their works inall its forms. He is an established historian of golden and silver age comic books and industry. This includes the revolutionary Simon and Kirby partnership.  

Growing up with Joe, Jesse developed a love for the golden age and artwork. Viewing historic pieces and making intimate memories with a pioneer of comics, Jesse now shares his personal experiences and keeps Joe’s memory alive.  

Recently, Jesse has come out with a comic titled, “ShieldMaster: Blast to the Past” that features the return of Simon and Kirby’s most iconic characters in decades. The Fly, Private Strong, Fighting American, Stuntman, Bullseye, Captain 3D all appear alongside Joe and Jack themselves! With Alan Moore contributing an introduction to the comic, it has received high praise.  

He will have limited copies and scarce items available at JewCE!

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